The Biggest Bet of my Life

 The Biggest Bet of my Life.

Betting. Gambling. Roll of the dice.

Call it what you may. Sometimes everything you bet wins while other, unlucky, days everything you give half a backward glance looks ominous. I'm sure every punter has had times when whatever the price of your fancy – you are doomed to lose.

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So, you think you've had a bad day? As one unlucky punter would say:

''I BET I have had a worse day than YOU!''

Sometimes you cannot believe how bad it gets.

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Let's go back to the Cheltenham Festival 2017. Irish Horse racing: The Sport of Kings in the Emerald Isle

Perhaps we should look upon the punter as the angel and the bookmaker as the devil incarnate.

The Queen Mother Champion Stakes. Willie Mullins' Douvan looking every inch a ''certainty'' odds of 2-9f.

The bet was placed.

£375,000 at 2-9f. Even bookmaker Ben Keith must have sweated up like a temperate thoroughbred with this hefty bet from a high-rolling punter. Perhaps it was a touch of fate that his initial bet of £500,000 to refused.

Well, we all know what happened. Douvan lost!!!!!

Perhaps, it wasn't so bad as the losing punter was said to have won £400,000 the day before when placing £100,000 on Altior.

Keith is one of few bookmakers to take huge bets. Wearing his trademark baseball cap it is inscribed ''Make Booking Great Again''. In fact, his Star Sports firm call themselves ''The Gentleman's Bookmaker''.

Of Douvan's loss. Mullins reported:

 “Ruby was a bit gobsmacked,” he said. The whole team were “gutted.”

Something tells me, they weren't feeling quite as dispirited as a certain ''Gentleman'' who is sick of the sight of Ben Keith.

He wasn't the only bookie to enjoy a fruitful Festival. Kyle Drummond, told the BBC: ''It's good you got me now as we are just about to start doing the conga around the betting ring. We never thought we would get Douvan turned over. We are going out for steak later.''

I'm sure they asked the waiter to make that rare because there was plenty of blood spilled with the Mullins bandwagon falling dramatically off the rails.

Sometime you just can't rely on Willie Mullins to do the business.

I guess there's always next year to get stuck in and make those bookmakers tread a little more carefully.