How to find a Winning Betting Strategy

It's strange how people view betting. Not meaning to sound nasty, but most people don't know much at all. Perhaps that sounds a bit harsh, but sadly it is a predictable truth. From the first day of betting to their last – very little changes. That's why I'm giving you a heads up on the racing tips page of Mare's sponsor on It's a great resource and free. 

Their potential lays dormant. Like a volcano. Except they are never going to erupt into a spurge of winners. Fair enough, lady luck, with a purple streak in her blonde hair may appear once in a while but even she is fleeting, desperate to get out of the room. As she leaves, she does that hand gesture like a petulant teenager, hand to head, which indicates LOSER.

How right she is.

You may be reading this post and fuming. Some know-it-all bloke saying this, that and the other. Who does he think he is?

Any gambler who speaks such words is doing you a favour because your average Joe won't.

So what is the strategy?

Make a change. Make it the next race. Your betting is like a cocktail of horses, greyhounds, mixed with a splash of bingo. It's a toxic concoction of hope and despair. A lethal mix like non-flammable absinthe SERVED IN A MUG.

Winning at gambling takes two routes: pure luck or skill.

Luck works like this:

Your friend sees you walk into the bookmakers with this amazing-looking blonde with a purple streak in her hair. You were going to bet on the favourite but as you turned away from the race cards on the wall to chat with some old bloke with a one-eyed greyhound [called Lucky], you looked back at the wall. By mistake, you write down the name of the 33/1 rag. It loses by a nose but got the verdict in the stewards' room. On the way home, you find a fifty-pound note, stop at the pub, get drunk after seeing the blonde girl with the stylish locks leave with some other bloke whose holding a Racing Post.

The skill works like this: 

You realise there aren't enough hours in the day. You decide to work in a niche and find your own way of selecting winners. It doesn't come easy but you don't give up. You work hard as if polishing a stone. Over time it begins to shine. You realise that dirty rock is a diamond. You look around and there is no blonde woman with a purple streak in her hair. But you don't need to worry. Lady luck can do her own thing. You concentrate on business as usual.

Betting on the horses is no different than betting on the stock market. Knowledge is power.

The next time you go into the bookmakers do one thing – think. Don't think about the next bet. Think about the understanding, logic, and reason behind the next bet. If there is no substance, then leave quickly.

The truth of betting is in the foundation of your wisdom.

As the quote goes: ''The wise man built his house upon the rocks.''Kinks who has proven a fair juvenile.