Uncertainty Surrounding Flights for European Stable Staff Travelling to Spring Carnival in 2020

Spring Carnival is an annual Thoroughbred Horse racing event held in Melbourne, Australia. This event holds either October or November of every year. Although horse racing is held in Australia every other day except Christmas day and Good Friday, The Spring Carnival is still unique in the way it is placed in the middle of the football and cricket season. During the winter, people are interested in football, in summer, they are interested in cricket, and in spring, all attention is focused on horse racing.

Spring Carnival attracts a lot of interest in Australia. Apart from the hundreds of thousands of people present every year to see horses racing live, there is a large following online and on live TV for this show every year. The majority of the persons following the event are people not only interested in horse racing. Some are gamblers who are also looking forward to placing live wagers using bookmakers like Sportsbet.

Like every other Spring Horse racing ever done, the media is always available to catch the activities and report on many horse racing news sites. The event this year is scheduled to hold at a time when there is a travel ban all over the world. Most countries and nations are still experiencing a lockdown, and this will most probably be the trend even in November. 

This has led to rising tension among various horse racing crew across Europe that will need to travel down to Australia for this event. There are, of course, travel exemptions. Travel exemptions are expected to be given to anybody who wants to go for the horse racing event. And even though some look forward to other things they can enjoy in Melbourne, the racing event remains their perfect excuse for travelling. These interested persons are to travel to Sydney from their location. They will be quarantined in Syndey before going to Melbourne for the event.

The big question is, will flights that horse racing staff are to travel on be made available? Will airlines honor the flights that have been booked? 

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that there are also various issues making it hard for trainers to bring horses down to Melbourne, Australia. Red Veldon, a horse, trained by Ed Dunlop, is yet to get travel exemptions. The crew wanted to travel in the last week of August but not having travel exemptions has hindered their travel. Another horse, Aspeter cannot travel because there are some flight issues with one of the staff of his trainer, Roger Chariton.

Ashun is another horse that has been said to be a little late in the game; he came only a week ago. This must have been due to another flight issues. His trainer, Andreas Wohler, cannot train him because of this lateness. These issues have raised tensions as to how the game will look like if various racing crews are having issues with settling in for this year's racing event.

The Racing Victoria board has resolved to see past the challenges that will make this year's horse racing almost impossible. The board is sticking with starting the event as when previously planned. This means that the game will go on no matter the hitches that might be faced as a result of travel challenges and other issues. There are still two months left to the spring carnival, and we hope that the world will be calmer before then and people will be as excited as always to see horses race.