Common Types Of Horses

Horses come in different types and sizes and they are used for different things. Common types of horses include Thoroughbred, Arabian, American Quarter Horse, Morgan and WarmBlood. The article below will discuss in detail the common types of horses listed above.


On top of the list, we have the thoroughbred known for its racing abilities at australian online sports betting. These are the horses you see at a race course. This breed is considered a “hot-blooded horse” which means it's known for its speed, spirit and agility. Thoroughbreds are also popular for polo, hunting, and show jumping just to mention a few.

American Quarter Horse.

This breed is popular in America. American Quarter Horse is known to be a perfect, athletic and agile animal. They are very useful whether riding for fun or competing. This quarter horse has the largest breed in the world.


The Arabian horses originated in Arabian Penisula. The horse is valued for its gentleness,betting on it at online casino usa, intelligence, stamina and beauty. The Arabian breed is a small horse with a small head protruding eyes, wide nostrils, marked withers and a short back. Its average height is 152 cm and its weight ranges from 360 to 450 kgs. The Arabian Horse has a fine coat, tail and mane.


The breed was founded by a horse named Justin Morgan named after its owner. Even though the horse died in 1821 its stamp still exists. The original Morgan breed was relatively small. The modern Morgans average about 145 to 155 cm and weigh between 400 to 500 kgs. Morgans are very attractive and stylish with smooth lines, expressive eyes, small ears and a nice neck.


The last one on the list is the warm blood which includes breeds such as Canadians, Trakehners and Cleveland bays. It's considered the oldest breed in America with the earliest breed dating back to the New England days. Warmbloods were developed in Europe, in Germany. Moreso, popular warmbloods include Holsteiner, Hanoverian and Oldenburg.


In conclusion, the above-listed types of horses are some of the common types. You can do your research to find out about the other available types of horses.